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How to Manage Multiple Projects in Directus

If you're like me and have multiple projects on the go, you can to install them on the same server and run them side-by-side.

If you're like me and have multiple projects on the go, you can install them on the same server. In this article I'll cover how you can install multiple projects on a single server.

To create a new Directus project, simply follow the installation process again into a new project folder.

If you have used previous versions of Directus, you will remember that a single instance of Directus could support multiple projects. For version 9, they have decided to move away from that approach and instead have pushed for a single project per instance.

How do I access my other projects?

You can't access other projects from one instance of Directus. This is for the security of the platform and your data. Each instance of Directus has a new port, for example, 8055, 8056, 8057 and it's own Users.

What you need to do is set up a domain name (or subdomain) for each new Directus project and use a proxy like Nginx to route the domain name to the correct port.

You can use my article here to link Directus to Nginx.

Set up Directus in Nginx
Use this template to configure Nginx and access Directus on your domain name.

How many instances can I have on my server?

Directus haven't put any restrictions on how many you can install on a server. It comes down to the resources of your server. Also, each instance of Directus will compete for bandwidth. If you are installing multiple versions of Directus on a server, make sure the combined traffic of all projects is well under the limits of your server (allow for some growth).


Yes, you can host multiple projects on the same server but will need multiple instances of Directus. You will need to keep in mind your server resources when doing this to ensure each instance can run smoothly and fast.

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